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Counselling doesn’t change the bad things that happen to us, but it can help us to gain a better understanding of what has happened, a chance to leave the past behind us and make changes for our future.

Counselling started for me as a client, I was at a point in my life where many changes were happening to me, over which I had no control, I felt lost and deeply unhappy and I had no idea why.   

I have taken the road you are thinking of taking, I have faced doubts and fears, wanting to believe that I could find help in talking to a stranger, yet not really understanding how it would work.

Through my own counselling I have been helped to look at my biggest fears in bite size pieces and with help, I found a way to make some changes, which brought me peace of mind.

As a person centred counsellor I am interested in you and the events that have stopped you from getting on with your life.  I will help you discover for yourself, what changes you want to make.  My job is to listen to you and help you look deeper, giving you space to reflect and get a better sense of how these events have affected you.

With my help and through the counselling process you can gain healing from the past and the freedom that comes from a better understanding of your experience, I will help you learn to trust in your own self-belief and find a way forward for your future, in a way that allows you to take better care of yourself.